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A note to our valued prospective clients:

Below is a list of items that greatly assist us in analyzing your current financial situation. These items are extremely important for our evaluation process and we ask that you please include them in addition to this Data Gathering packet. If at any time you have any questions about the packet or our process in general at Alvini & Associates, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone at 302.836.8490.

Items requested in addition to the Data Gathering packet:

  • Latest paystub(s)
  • Latest tax returns
  • Prior Year W2
  • Employer benefit booklet(s)
  • Pension information
  • Investment account statement(s)
  • Insurance information – Life insurance, Disability insurance, etc.
  • Social Security information*

In order to find your Social Security information, please log onto When the webpage appears, click on the “Sign In to my Social Security” icon at the top of your screen. Once that webpage opens, click on the “Create an Account” icon in the middle of the page. After you have taken a few moments to create this account, you will be able to view your social security benefits. Please print those pages off and attach them with this packet and the other important documents that we like to see for our analysis and evaluation.

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